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As residents of Southern California, we really like our relaxation. We look forward to coming home, and relaxing in the family room, taking in a movie in our home theaters, sitting at our bar stools, resting on our beds, and enjoying our patio furniture. What many don’t realize is just how dirty our upholstered furniture can be.

To most people, dirt or grime on the furniture means that someone didn’t take their shoes off when lying down on the bed, or when the dog jumps up on the couch with muddy paws. Few people realize that millions of living organisms are thriving and reproducing daily, right underneath their cushioned bottoms.

Q: So what? Is there really any danger or threat from these microorganisms and bacteria? Aren’t we used to having them around by now?

A: Living with dirty upholstered furniture can lead to a wide range of ailments that can cause problems like; skin irritations, rashes, runny nose, watery eyes, coughing, sneezing, headaches, lack of sleep, and many other side effects. People already afflicted by allergies, hay fever and asthma can have even more dramatic reactions.

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Q: Why can’t I just suck all of these microorganisms out with my trusty vacuum cleaner? Why do I need professional upholstery cleanings?

A: Here at Santa Clarita Family Carpet Cleaning, we love when our clients vacuum their upholstered furniture regularly. This has two positive effects:

Vacuuming helps to eliminate the top layer of dirt and grime
Regular vacuuming helps to make full scale professional upholstery cleanings, less frequent

Unfortunately, simple vacuuming at home, doesn’t remove the majority of the ground-in dirt and grime that lurks within our furniture fibers. Home vacuums lack the power and tools necessary to rid your upholstered furniture of irritants like; dust mites, human and pet dander, cooking vapors, oil, grease, hair, drywall dust, bacteria, allergens, blood, coffee, insect larvae, microbes, pollen, food particles, urine, sweat and more.

Q: What methods does Family Carpet Cleaning in Santa Clarita use to get my upholstered furniture clean and fresh again?

A: We use a powerful combination of steam cleaning, dry foam cleaning and hot water extraction. We always use eco-friendly, cleaning solutions and spot test each piece before proceeding. Our process is effective on all residential and commercial upholstered furniture including bar stools, bed mattresses, couch cushions, chaise lounges, pet bedding, throw pillows, outdoor furniture, car seating, home theater seats, futon mattresses, office chairs, dining room seating and much more.

Call Santa Clarita Family Carpet Cleaning and get a free, no obligation estimate for cleaning your upholstered furniture pieces. Your family, and your lungs will thank you!

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Santa Clarita Carpet Cleaning