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Santa Clarita Carpet Cleaning

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Santa Clarita Carpet Cleaning

Santa Clarita Water Damage / Fire Damage Restoration

Living in Southern California as we do, we are very familiar with 2 of it’s most notorious elements; fire and water. At times we love, and hate both of them. Fire brings us a romantic interlude in front of a fireplace with that special someone. It also brings devastation and destruction through forest fires, unattended campfires, dropped cigarettes, lightning strikes, arson, and many other fire-related problems.

The same goes for water – we swim in it, drink it, display it in fountains and wash in it. But when water takes on a destructive form through floods, burst water heaters and pipes, excess rain, burst dams and dozens of other ways, then we may truly need to have restoration services done quickly, and properly.

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If you find yourself needing fire or water restoration service, be sure to call the professional crews that have the most experience and respond the fastest – Santa Clarita Family Carpet Cleaning. Our seasoned water and fire restoration technicians have been providing this needed service since 2003. We offer professional residential and commercial restoration services with full documentation for you, and your insurance company as well.

Q: How do your fire and water restoration services work?

A: Many people ask this – we respond immediately upon your call to us. We pride ourselves on the speed in which we take action when you have experienced water, or fire disaster. First, we come to your building and secure the location, and all of it’s contents. Then we proceed to remove any excess water, as soon as possible. As you know, standing water has huge destructive powers.

We then start our documentation process, and then proceed right to the actual restoration. While each circumstance is different, we provide needed services like:

  • Water removal
  • Document drying
  • Fire, soot and smoke removal
  • Mold remediation
  • Deodorization
  • Contents restoration
  • Move-outs
  • Catastrophic storm response
  • Electronic equipment
  • Contents claim inventory service

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Standing water and prolonged exposure to smoke and soot, are the enemies of your possessions. A good example of this is putting pots and pans to soak to loosen, and soften the baked-on food. The same goes for your property. Wood begins to warp, paper can dissolve, metal rusts and just about any material substance can be permanently altered by prolonged exposure to water.

Soot and smoke also damage property, though not as quickly. The residue from smoke produces surface erosion and permanent staining. This is from the acid that smoke and soot contains.

Santa Clarita Family Carpet Cleaning has 24-hour emergency service with fast response times. If, and when you experience water, or fire damage, don’t wait to call! Our live-answer telephone personnel can dispatch our mobile restoration teams immediately, and in situations where time is of the essence, this is all-important.

Call Now: (661) 877-4055

Santa Clarita Carpet Cleaning